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Banana Peel Benefits, Skin, Face, Hair, and Side Effects

Banana Peel Benefits, Skin, Face, Hair, and Side Effects

A banana, scientifically known as Musa from the family Musaceae, is an elongated yellow-colored, edible fruit. In addition to being incredibly delicious and sweet, bananas are also a wonderful source of manganese, potassium, and vitamins C and B6. Bananas are native to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and New Guinea. Banana peels are beneficial for the skin, enhance hair growth, whiten teeth, are a good pain reliever, and support eyesight and sleep.

Banana Peel Nutrition

Banana peels are loaded with many essential vitamins and minerals including potassium, fiber, and vitamins B6 and C, and are primarily constituted of carbohydrates. Flavonoids, an antioxidant found in banana peels, have been shown to be good for heart health.

Banana Peel Uses

Banana peel has several health benefits and is useful for cleaning the home as well.

1. Good for Skin Care

Banana peel keeps your skin moisturized. Banana peel’s antioxidants help prevent aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines. The lectin and zinc found in banana peels help acne scars heal more quickly and seem less visible.

  • Using a banana peel to smooth out wrinkles and brighten skin.
  • Reducing puffiness by applying a banana peel over closed eyes.

2. Hydrate your feet by using a banana peel

Rub the inside of the peel on your soles to give your cracked heels and achy toes relief. Rinse off any residue with water, then repeat for a few days. Amino acids and the vitamins A, B, C, and E found in banana peels are particularly beneficial for dry, itchy skin.

3. Banana Peel Whitens Teeth

Banana peel contains a variety of essential minerals that promote oral health and have antibacterial characteristics. It aids in cleaning stains from teeth. Rubbing banana peel on teeth for some days results in teeth whitening.

fruit peel good for skin

4. Support Hair Care

Banana peel is a great source of antioxidants that fight against infection and fungi, neutralize free radicals, and maintain strong, healthy hair. Use a banana peel hair mask for softer, glossier hair.

Mash banana peel and add into curd to make a smooth paste.

Apply this mask to the hair for 30 mins and rinse off with water.

5. Act as Pain Reliever

Banana peels offer pain-relieving anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial qualities. It is frequently used in traditional treatments to relieve pains or headaches. Directly apply the banana peel to the sore spot for 30 minutes before the pain is gone.

Place one frozen banana peel on your forehead for 15 minutes to relieve headache pain.

People have used it to cure wounds for centuries by applying the inner side of a banana peel to the wound.

6. Banana Peel Promote Eyesight

Banana peels are abundant with vitamin A which helps to improve eyesight and shields the eyes from UV rays. Additionally, it lowers the possibility of getting cataracts and other age-related eye issues.

Before rubbing the peel on your eyes, expose it to the sun.

7. Used as Fertilizer in Gardening

Banana peels are used as fertilizer in kitchen gardening. Potassium and phosphorus are abundant in banana peels, which strengthen and promote the growth of the plant’s roots.

Banana peels should be added to a pitcher of water and let to soak for two to three days away from direct sunlight. Then, anytime your plants become thirsty, water them with this nutrient-enriched water.

How to use banana peel?

Banana peel is widely used in several dishes.

  • Mashed into smoothies.
  • Banana peel is mixed with sugar and caramelized to make an ice cream topping.
  • Added to salads.
  • Usually served after being softened by boiling.

Boiled Banana Peel Benefits

Boiled banana peels have many benefits for plants and improve the human sleep cycle since it is more nutrient-rich than banana pulp.

How to make banana peel tea?

For making homemade banana tea, 1 peel of a ripe banana and 1 cup of boiling water are required.

  • Put the banana peel in a saucepan and fill it up with water.
  • Banana peel will soften after 10 minutes of boiling.
  • Pour the strained banana peel tea into a mug and served.

Boiled banana peel benefits sleep

Tryptophan and dopamine, which are abundant in banana peel, aid in the body’s ability to fall asleep. Banana skins are a good source of fiber and antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, and magnesium that could enhance the quality of your sleep. Due to the presence of serotonin, it also assists in lowering stress and enhancing mood.

Fruit peel that promotes sleeping
Peel promote sleep and relaxes muscles

Banana Peel Side Effects

  • Consumption of banana peel often causes oral problems.
  • Banana peels frequently contain pesticides, which can lead to a number of diseases like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and dementia.


Is it OK to eat banana peel?

Yes, Banana peels can be eaten. The more ripe the peel, the sweeter it will taste.

What happens if we rub banana peel on face daily?

Applying a banana peel on your face increases skin suppleness and minimizes the impression of wrinkles and fine lines.

Do banana peels tighten skin?

Banana peel can prevent premature ageing and tighten the skin.

How do you use banana peels as fertilizer?

Simply chop up a banana peel into very little pieces, bury the chopped peels in the dirt, and place the chopped peels to one side of the plant.

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