12+ Health Benefit Of Monstera Deliciosa & Nutrition

The fruit of the Swiss Cheese Plant is scientifically known as Monstera deliciosa and is commonly called Mexican BreadfruitSplit-leaf PhilodendronFruit Salad PlantDelicious Monster, and Ceriman. It is an edible fruit-like ear of Maize covered with scales. It is green in color and it has a sweet-tart fruity taste but it smells pungent. To eat it, choose the fully ripe one. Remove its outer cover and separated the inner flesh like scales. Its flesh is like a combination of banana and pineapple.

Monstera Deliciosa


Monstera Deliciosa Is Used To Treat Arthritis As It Is Anti-inflammatory. Monstera Leaves Paste Is Applied On Snake Bites, Bruises, And Eczema. It Also Treats Colds And Coughs And Is Suggested For Cancer Patients After Radiotherapy.

Monstera Deliciosa Nutrition

Mexican Breadfruit Nutrition Values Per 100 Grams Are As Follows;
Monstera Deliciosa Fruit Contains 12 Calories Per 100 Grams Of Edible Amount.

  • Carbs 32.5 Gram
  • Fats 1 Gram
  • Fiber 0.5 Gram
  • Water 37 Gram
  • Protein 35 Gram

Monstera Deliciosa Vitamins and Minerals content

  •  Vitamin B1, 0.015 mg
  • Vitamin C, 60 g
  • Calcium, 17 g
  • Folic acid, 0.7 mg
  • Phosphorus, 10.5 g

1. Monstera Deliciosa For Energy And Stamina

Mexican breadfruit is rich in iron and vitamin C. Iron improves the stamina of the body by increasing the production of red blood cells. It is an instant energy-boosting element. Iron plays an important role in keeping you healthy and full of energy. It helps prevent fatigue. Vitamin C stimulates the production of endorphin hormone which reduces stress and fatigue. Potassium content also raises the energy level.

Monstera Deliciosa For Energy And Stamina

2. Monstera Deliciosa For Snake Bites

The monster fruit roots extract is traditionally used to treat venomous bites of snakes. They contain powerful antioxidants that neutralize the effects of venom thus helpful against poison spreading in the bloodstream. It also acts as a painkiller reducing pain in the affected area.

3. For Cancer After Radiotherapy Treatment

Ceriman is rich in nutrients minerals and vitamins and is an excellent choice after getting radiotherapy treatments. After radiotherapy people rehabilitate nutrient-dense food to heal up tissues. Deliciosa fruit helps boost antioxidants in the body after radiotherapy to prevent infections. Their vitamin C content helps restore immunity.

4. For Wound Healing

Monstera leaves paste is traditionally used in Brazil for sealing up wounds. Monstera leaves contain Citric acid which is helpful in wound healing. It stimulates the production of fibroblast and vascularization to heal up the wounded place. Citric acid ointments are often recommended for wound healing.

5. For Immunity

Due to the high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants, it contributes to the immune defense system. Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells which fight off free radicals and invaders (viruses, bacteria) preventing infections and making our defense system strong. The polyphenolic compounds of monster fruit strengthen our immune system.

6. For Cough

Monster fruit is traditionally used in China to treat coughs and colds. Its extract helps relieve the symptoms of cough. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties relieving respiratory tract problems. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant for wheezing and cough and suppressing the symptoms of cough.

7. For Digestion

Monstera is rich in fibers, vitamin B and C, antioxidants, and micro minerals. All of these induce the production of gastrointestinal juice which help in digestion and promotes bowel movement. Dietary fibers are capable of preventing constipation and diarrhea.

Monstera For Constipation And Diarrhea

Monstera contains dietary fibers in a bulk amount which help clean the colon. Fibers increase the weight of stool making it soft and easy to pass out thus helpful in reducing constipation. In case of diarrhea, fibers solidify the stool absorbs extra water, add bulk to it, and make stool more solid.  Fibers are helpful in irritable bowel syndrome and decrease its symptoms.

8. For Weight Loss

Monstera deliciosa is best when struggling for losing weight. It is rich in fibers, fibrous fruit helps lose weight. They make you feel fuller for a longer time and prevent overeating. They also prevent hunger pangs. Fibers boost metabolism and help in metabolic functions. Fibers help in reducing calorie intake thus helpful in burning belly fat.
Vitamin C another content of monster fruit help in reducing body fat. Low levels of vitamin C are directly linked with a higher level of fats in the body. People who suffer from vitamin C deficiency have more Body mass index. So enough intake of vitamin C reduces oxidative stress, fastens the metabolism, and helps to lose body fat.

Monstera Deliciosa For Wound Healing
Monstera Deliciosa For Wound Healing

9. For Pregnancy

Monster fruit is rich in vitamin C which increases the immunity of pregnant ladies and prevents infections. It fights off free radicals and invaders that cause damage to the body and different organs. Folic acid another content of monster fruit reduces the risk of iron deficiency in expectant mothers during pregnancy. It is also beneficial for fetal development and growth and prevents serious birth defects. Phosphorous present in this fruit helps to build up the strong bones of the baby.

10. For Diabetes

Some studies show that monstera is extremely in demand for inducing insulin secretion. It reduces the risk of getting diabetes by increasing insulin secretions. Monster fruit helps manage the blood glucose level in the body and prevents diabetes type-2. Diabetic patients can eat monstera fruit in a certain amount as it shows promising effects on people suffering from diabetes.

11. For High Blood Pressure

Monstera fruit encourages normal heart rate and blood pressure. Monstera has some pharmaceutical effects and is used in the treatment of high blood pressure. It decreases the levels of stress hormones and reduces the tension in the blood vessels keeping the heart rate normal. It is also helpful in reducing physical and mental stress. Monstera has fat-burning properties reduces the level of LDL (Bad Cholesterol) prevents narrowing of the blood vessels and keeps the blood flow normally.

12. Medicinal Benefits Of Monstera Deliciosa

The incredible medicinal benefits of Monstera are following;

  • The roots extract is used to treat arthritis (Swelling of joints).
  • Monstera Deliciosa leaves paste is applied topically on skin wounds, bruises, and eczema, it shows super results.
  • Monstera leaves are used to neutralize snake poison and are topically applied to snake bites.
  • It is anti-inflammatory and helpful in reducing inflammation.
  • This fruit is suggested after taking radiotherapy treatment because of its nutrient-dense nature.

Side Effects Of Monstera Plant

  • Direct ingestion of leaves is toxic to both humans and animals.
  • The unripe fruit causes vomiting and stomach ache.
  • The oral use of leaves causes swelling of the mouth, tongue, and lips.
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