12+ Benefits Of White Sapote (Mexican Apple) Nutrition

White sapote is scientifically known as Casimiroa edulis and is commonly known as Casimiroa, Mamey sapoteMamey fruit, and Mexican apple. It is a green color apple-shaped fruit. It has a delicately sweet, creamy taste. Its flavor is similar to a blend of banana, peach, and vanilla. To eat it peel off the outer skin and enjoy the flesh. Remove the inner central seeds because they are toxic.



White Sapote Lessens The Pain Or Muscle Cramps And Is Good For Inducing Sleep. They Lower The Blood Glucose Level Keeping The Heart And Brain In Good Health. Sapote Improves Immunity By Preventing Anemia.

White Sapote (Mexican Apple) Nutrition

The Nutritional Value Of White Sapote Per 100 Gram Is As Follows.
White Sapote Contains 75 Calories Per 100 Gram Of Edible Amount.

  • Carbs 28.5 Gram
  • Fats 0.14 Gram
  • Protein 1.8 Gram
  • Fiber 3.84 Gram

White Sapote Vitamins and Minerals content:
White Sapote vitamins and mineral value per 100 gram are as follows;

  •  Vitamin A, 1 μg
  • Vitamin B1, 0.06 mg
  • Vitamin B2, 0.061 mg
  • Vitamin B3, 0.71 mg
  •  Vitamin B5, 0.22 mg
  • Vitamin B9, 47 μg
  • Vitamin C, 19.2 mg
  • Vitamin E, 0.52 mg
  • Calcium, 13.7 mg
  • Zinc, 0.22 mg
  • Folic acid, 0.24 mg
  • Potassium, 275 mg
  • Phosphorus, 29.4 mg
  • Magnesium, 17.2 mg
  • Manganese, 0.096 mg

1. White Sapote (Mexican Apple) To Reduce Pain

White sapote may ease the body and rheumatoid pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties which lessen the inflammation and swelling of joints. Sapote can be taken as a pain reliever. White sapote contains magnesium which is beneficial for muscle pain or headache. It is also helpful in providing relief during menstrual pain. Vitamin D content helps you to relieve chronic pain.

2. For Healthy Skin

White sapote (Mexican apple) is beneficial for improving skin texture and skin tone. Sapote contains antioxidants that support the skin repairing itself. These antioxidants prevent the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Sapote reduces the symptoms of acne, psoriasis, and eczema.
The vitamin C content of mamey sapote neutralizes the free radicals that damage the skin. It promotes collagen production which makes skin younger looking and glowing. Vitamin E content revives the skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles thus sapote possesses anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties.

3. For Anemia

White Sapote (Mexican Apple) To Reduce Pain

White sapote treats the deficiency of iron and prevents anemia (a serious condition that causes general weakness). Mamey sapote contains a large amount of iron and folate boosts the production of red blood cells. The increasing number of red blood cells treats weakness and many other health issues that are produced by a deficiency of red blood cells.

4. For Hair Growth

Sapote is jammed with antioxidants that are beneficial for hair ailments. They contain vitamins that stimulate follicle production which ensures better hair growth. They prevent scalp dryness and eczema. Vitamin E content of sapote improves hair texture making them soft and thicker.

Benefits Of Sapote Seed Oil (Mamey Sapote Oil)

Mamey Sapote organic oil is traditionally used to treat hair problems.

  • It stops hair fall
  • Combat dermatitis
  • Ensure hair growth
  • Enhance shine and improve the elasticity of hair
  • Fights dandruff and eczema
  • Neutralize free radicals that cause damage
  • Makes hair thicker or lustrous

5. For Weight Loss

Mexican apples are rich in fibers both soluble and insoluble. These dietary fibers fasten the metabolism which helps in reducing weight. Sapote prevents overeating its fibrous content makes you fuller and hydrated for a longer time. It has zero fat or cholesterol due to which it can be added to a balanced diet. Mamey sapote contains fat-binding protein which helps burn belly fat.

Sapote, Mamey For Keto Diet

Sapote has low carbs and a very low glycemic index which makes it perfect for adding to a low-carb ketogenic diet.

6. For Pregnancy

Pregnant ladies safely eat Mamey sapote during pregnancy as it provides a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. Sapote consumption is ideal for the mother and the fetus. It helps in the better development and growth of the baby.
Sapote antioxidants neutralize the free radicals and prevent pregnant women from infections and different ailments. They are rich in iron and folate which ensures the production of healthy red blood cells and prevents iron deficiency. Sapote is fibrous fruit that helps ladies combat digestive problems.

7. For Male Fertility

Mamey sapote treats the symptoms of male infertility. They energize the man and increase stamina naturally. They are helpful in libido lifting. Sapote contains vitamin C is a key element for improving sperm morphology. They stimulate the production of healthy sperm and increase sperm count.

8. For Insomnia

White sapote is also known as sleep-sapote and Sleep-induced sapote. Taken at night is used to treat sleep disorders or insomnia. Sapote improves sleep quality and sleep duration as they decrease stress and anxiety. Sapote seeds are commercially used in sleep-inducing pills. Sapote leaves tea is proven for falling asleep quickly within an hour. Sapote is famously known as sleep-inducing fruit people who consumed it don’t worry about drowsiness.

9. For Immunity

White Sapote For Hair Growth

 Sapote contributes to a healthy immune system and they are related to citrus fruit. Sapote is a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is the key component in building a strong immune system. Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells which protects the body against invaders. Sapote act as a safeguard for our body and gives protection against various microbial attacks.

10. White Sapote Improves Digestion

Sapota aid in digestion and digestive tract activity. They are rich in dietary fibers which improve digestion and bowel movement. Sapote act as prebiotics to promote the growth of good gut bacteria. White Sapote is good for diarrhea and constipation. Their fiber and water content stimulate bowel movement, soften the stool and make them easy to pass out.
Mamey Sapote proves good for acid reflux they contain a small number of tannins that neutralizes the acids in the gut.

11. For Heart Health

White sapote decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Mamey sapote optimizes heart health their fibrous content reduces cholesterol thus keeping the blood vessel in good condition. They reduce the risk of heart failure. Sapote is rich in potassium and magnesium which support a healthy heart rhythm and keep the heartbeat normal.

12. White Sapote And Diabetes

Mamey sapote is traditionally used as a sedative or for the treatment of diabetes. Sapote is fibrous fruit and its fibers are diabetic friendly. They control the blood glucose level and also fasten the metabolism. Sapote has a low glycemic index so they are safe to eat for diabetic patients but should be taken in a small amount.

White Sapote Side Effects

  • White sapote is a powerful anti-inflammatory and often causes some discomforts like gastritis etc.
  • Overconsumption of fibrous food causes heaviness in the stomach.


Is white sapote seeds toxic?

Sapote seeds are toxic to eat raw.

Is the heart patient eating sapota?

Sapote decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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