16+ Custard Apple (Cherimoya) Health Benefits

Custard apple is scientifically known as Annona reticulata and commonly called sugar-apple, Sweet-sop & bullock’s-heart. It is known as Sitaphal in Hindi and Sharifa in PunjabiIt is green-colored fruit with leathery skin texture like scales. It bears a sweet taste with a creamy flavor. How to eat custard apple? Remove the tough leathery rind then cut it in half. Remove the seeds and scoop out the flesh. The flesh can be used in fruit salads, smoothies, milkshakes, and, ice cream. The rind and seeds are inedible.

Custard Apple


Custard Apple Improves Mood, Eye Vision, And Digestion. The Seeds And Leaves Extract Are Good For The Thyroid. Cherimoya Rejuvenates The Skin And Promotes Hair Growth, And Prevents Cancer, And Heart Diseases.

Custard Apple (Cherimoya) Nutrition

Custard Apple Nutrition Values Per 100 Grams Are As Follows;
Custard Apple Contains 100 Calories Per 100 Gram Of Edible Amount.

  • Carbs 25 Gram
  • Fats 0.6 Gram
  • Sugar 0 Gram
  • Protein 1.5 Gram
  • Fiber 2.5 Gram

Custard Apple Vitamins and Minerals content
Custard apple vitamins and mineral value per 100 gram are as follows;

  •  Vitamin B1, 0.12 mg
  • Vitamin B2, 0.125 mg
  • Vitamin B6, 0.24 mg
  • Vitamin C, 19 mg
  • Calcium, 30.2 mg
  • Folic acid, 0.73 mg
  • Potassium, 383 mg
  • Magnesium, 17 mg
  • Copper, 2.35 mg

1. Custard Apple High In Antioxidants

Cherimoya contains a lot of powerful antioxidants including vitamin C, carotenoids, flavonoids, and kaurenoic acid. Antioxidants prevent the body from various infections and combat invaders. They fight off free radicals from the body and remove cancer-causing agents. Custard apples contain carotenoid lutein which is superb for eye health. Vitamin C increases immunity and makes our defense system strong by stimulating the production of white blood cells.

2. Improves Mood

Cherimoya may boost the mood. It accommodates Vitamin B6 which helps improve mood. Vitamin B6 reduces depression and it supports the production of neurotransmitters that stimulate the release of serotonin, dopamine, and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). Dopamine and serotonin are also called happy hormones & feel-good hormones are linked with the brain and support pleasant sensations. Both the hormones are involved with a happy mood, pleasant feeling, motivation, and calm. Vitamin B6 supplements are often taken as anti-depressants.

3. For Eye Health

Custard apples contains carotenoids lutein which supports eye health. It improves eye vision and maintains eye health by protecting from free radicals. Lutein possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is also known as an eye vitamin. Lutein prevents macular disease which is the major cause of vision impairment or colorblindness and enhances eye vision.
Carotenoids also play a role in eye health and possess anti-inflammatory properties. Carotenoids reduce the risk of having an eye-related disease cataract (a formation of cloud in the area of the lens that decreases the eye vision.) Vitamin A also helps in improving eyesight.

4. For High Blood Pressure

It contains a perfect ratio of sodium and potassium that maintain normal blood pressure. It also holds magnesium which helps normalize blood pressure. Cherimoya helps control the fluctuations of blood pressure. Potassium reduces the tension of the blood vessel walls and lowers blood pressure. Magnesium stimulates the dilation of blood vessels and prevents hypertension (high blood pressure). Sodium and potassium are electrolytes that maintain the fluid volume of the body. Too much sodium consumption leads to an increase in blood pressure. So it is necessary to take a recommended ratio of sodium and potassium for normalizing the blood pressure.

Custard Apple For Eye Health

5. For Digestion

It is rich in many nutrients, vitamins, and fibers. Dietary fibers and copper play an important role in healthy digestive tract activity. Fibers fasten the process of metabolism and improve bowel movement. They help in the digestion of fatty food by absorbing the fat molecules. They reduce the risk of various digestive disorders like constipation & diarrhea, and also help in treating acid reflux or heartburn.
In the case of constipation, fibers help in softening the stool and stimulating bowel movement making the stool easy to pass out from the digestive tract. In case of diarrhea, fibers give volume to the stool, absorb excess water from it and make it more solid.

6. Cherimoya Benefits For Cancer

Custard apple (Cherimoya) possesses anti-cancer properties as it contains powerful antioxidants which damage the cancer-causing agents. Cherimoya holds some potent compounds that stop the growth of cancer cells. Research done in test tubes and have been found that cherimoya flavonoids including catechin and epicatechin both slow down or even stop the growth of tumor cells. It also carries some alkaloids with anti-cancer properties that have potential against liver cancer. Annona leaf extract is well known to damage colon cancer cells.

7. For Skin

Cherimoya is a skin-friendly fruit. It holds on to vitamins and skin essential nutrients. Daily intake of custard apple stimulates collagen production and thickens the skin which makes skin younger looking and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It is also helpful in hydrating the skin as it contains some water content which keeps the skin moisturized.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is a skincare vitamin that controls the oil balance on the skin, making skin brighter and glowing. Vitamin C removes blemishes, improves skin tone, making it more radiant, and prevents the damage of harmful UV rays of the Sun.

8. For Pregnancy

Cherimoya a nutrient-dense fruit is beneficial for pregnant ladies. Folic acid content helps produce new red blood cells and reduces the risk of iron deficiency. It also protects against premature birth defects. Vitamin C content of cherimoya reduces the risk of infections by stimulating the production of white blood cells and boosting the defense system of the body. Custard apple also carries copper, which gives strength to the fetus. The antioxidants reduce morning sickness, and numbness and also minimize labor pain.

9. For Diabetes

Cherimoya has a low glycemic index which makes it a good choice for diabetic patients. It controls the fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Fibers are also helpful in stabilizing blood sugar as they slow down the absorption of sugar molecules from the food. The magnesium content of cherimoya helps in the regulation of sugar in the blood.

10. Custard Apple For Weight Gain

Calorie-rich food is the best option for people who want to gain body weight. Cherimoya holds a higher number of calories which helps in raising the weight. It also carries a good amount of sugars which supports healthy weight gain. It contains folic acid which supports the production of red blood cells. More red blood cell production can also lead to gaining weight.

11. Custard Apple For Hair Growth & Dandruff

Cherimoya helps you to get long and strong hair. They support the healthy scalp & follicles and stimulate hair growth. Custard apple holds antioxidants and vitamin C which increase collagen production and lead to better and thicker hair growth. The antioxidants fight off the free radicals and stop the growth of bacteria in the hair scalp. Thus it prevents scalp dandruff and scalp eczema. They also remove the dead skin cells from the scalp and control sebum production making scalps healthy and clear.

12. For Thyroid

Cherimoya helps to manage thyroid dysfunctions as they are helpful in detoxification of the body and eliminating extra waste from the body. Because poor detoxification leads to metal deposits in the body. Metal like Mercury is a serious cause of thyroid disorders. It leads to thyroid inflammation and destructs the secretion of T3 & T4 from the thyroid gland. Its leaves and seeds extract also hold some potent bioactive compounds that are found thyroid friendly.

13. For Heart Patient

Cherimoya is rich in fibers, magnesium, and niacin all support healthy heart activity. Fibers also prevent cardiovascular diseases as they reduce both high blood pressure and cholesterol because the high level of cholesterol leads to the narrowing of blood vessels which is the major cause of heart attack. Niacin maintains the level of HDL (good cholesterol) and reduces the level of LDL (bad cholesterol). Magnesium supports smooth muscle health and prevents strokes and heart failure.

Custard Apple Health Benefits
Cherimoya for Heart

14. Custard Apple For Babies

Cherimoya is given to babies above 6 months in form of smoothies and milkshakes. They are the best energy source for babies. It contains vitamins and minerals which increase the immunity of the babies and prevent them from infections. It proves good for the overall health of babies.

15. Red Custard Apple Benefits

The red custard apple is a heart-shaped red colored apple and holds the following benefits;

  • Supports healthy digestive tract activity.
  • Reduces stress and improves mood.
  • Carry anti-cancer properties.
  • Boosts the immunity.
  • Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Rich in powerful antioxidants and dietary fibers.
  • Improves eye vision.

16. Custard Apple Leaves Benefits

The Annona plant leaves have the following benefits;

  • Hydrates the skin, and prevents dark spots, fine lines, and acne scars.
  • Supports eye health.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Good for the thyroid.
  • Possess anti-inflammatory properties.
  • May improve digestion.

Side Effects Of Custard Apple

  • Custard apple seeds powder has adverse effects on skin and eyes causing redness and itchiness.
  • Overconsumption of cherimoya leads to obesity because of fibers and high calories.
  • If it can be eaten in excess amount so huge intake of iron causes vomiting and nausea.


What is the best time to eat custard apple?

The good time to eat it is breakfast or afternoon.

Can we eat custard apple at the night?

It should be dangerous to eat at night and hard to digest.

Are custard apples hot or cold?

It is cold and is an extremely cooling fruit.

How many types of custard apples are?

There are only two varieties, Pinks Mammoth & African Pride.

Can we eat cherimoya raw?

It can be eaten raw but without seeds.

Is cherimoya toxic?

Only the seeds of cherimoya are toxic.

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