Health Benefits Of Kiwano Melon (Horned Melon)

Kiwano melon Cucumis metuliferus is commonly known as horned melonjelly melon, and African horned cucumber. Kiwano is nutritious fruit in yellow-orange color filled with green jelly-like pulp embedded with seeds inside. Kiwano is slightly sweet in taste. To eat it cut it into the center and spoon up the pulp directly from the rind. The seeds are edible.



Kiwano Or Horned Melons Promote Red Cell Production, Boost Cognitive Functions And Reduce Stress And Anxiety. It Strengthens The Bones, Aids Digestion, Controls Blood Pressure And Diabetes, And Has Anti-aging And Anti-wrinkle Properties.

Nutritional Facts Kiwano

Kiwano Is Filled With Lots Of Vitamins And Nutrients;
A Single Piece Of Kiwano Has 90 Calories. The Other Includes;

  • Carbs, 15 Grams
  • Calcium , 5% Of Daily Intake
  • Zinc, 10% of Daily Intake
  • Phosphorous, 7% Of Daily Intake
  • Iron, 15 Of Daily Intake
  • Magnesium, 25% Of Daily Intake
  • The Vitamin Contents Are;
  • Vitamin A, 8% Of Daily Intake
  • Vitamin B, 7 % Of Daily Intake
  • Vitamin C, 27% Of Daily Intake

1. Kiwano Produces Red Blood Cells

Kiwano promotes healthy red blood cell production as they contain iron. Iron is very essential for the production of red blood cells. It is present in the hemoglobin (an oxygen-carrying protein) in red blood cells. Kiwano increases the hemoglobin level in our body. The deficiency of iron causes anemia.

2. Control Diabetes

Kiwano is good for diabetic patients. Kiwano regulates the blood sugar level in the body. The diabetic patient can eat it because it has a very low sugar level or poor glycemic index. Kiwano contains the mineral magnesium which controls the blood glucose level and improves insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients. Magnesium also improves the absorption of food.

3. Horned Melon For Healthy Skin

Kiwano promotes healthy skin. Kiwano water content keeps your skin hydrated and detoxifies your body. Kiwano is rich in vitamin C, which improves the complexion of the skin and reduces hyperpigmentation. It also protects you from the harmful effects of UV rays. The water and vitamin content of kiwano boost collagen production making skin younger and flawless.

4. Kiwano Boosts Cognitive Function

Horned melon promotes cognitive functions (a variety of brain functions like decision making, perception, memory loss, etc.) as it contains vitamins A, vitamin E, and Zinc content which improves brain health. Vitamin B plays a potent role in brain functioning. Vitamin A improves the learning and memory capacity of the brain. Vitamin E protects the membranes of the brain.

Kiwano (Horned Melon) Control Diabetes

5. Horned Melon Aids In Digestion

Kiwano aids in digestion due to its water and fiber content. Dietary fibers of kiwano maintain gastrointestinal activity. The water and fibers help in bowel movement. The dietary fibers prevent constipation and diarrhea.

6. Kiwano Improves Eye Health

Kiwano improves eyesight and various other eye-related issues. Vitamin A in kiwano strengthens the muscles of the eye. Vitamin A boosts eye health. Vitamin A boosts vision and improves the part of the eye. The antioxidants of kiwano combat free radicals that damage the eye. Kiwano vitamin A content enhances vision by clearing the cornea.

7. Kiwano Strengthening The Bones

Kiwano makes our bones and teeth strong. Kiwano promotes bone remolding and maintains its integrity. The zinc content of kiwano helps in bone growth and bone repairing. Zinc maintains the bone structure and its durability. The magnesium content of kiwano prevents osteoporosis (a process of bone degeneration).

8. Reduces The Wrinkles

Kiwano is vitamin-rich fruit that helps in removing the blemishes and makes skin hydrated and youthful. Vitamin C prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck makes skin tighten and improves its texture.

9. Helps In Weight Loss

Kiwano helps in maintaining your body weight. Kiwano has fewer calories and a very low sugar level. Vitamin C abundantly present in kiwano speed-up the metabolism and helps in burning fat. Kiwano is fibrous food that prevents you from overeating and kames you feel fuller for a longer time.

10. Benefits For Anti-Agin

Kiwano prevents the skin from premature aging. Horned melon minimizes the anti-wrinkle or anti-aging effects. Vitamin C-rich kiwano melon boosts the production of collagen which makes skin healthy and younger. Vitamin C is widely used in anti-aging products because it destroys the free radicals that cause stress on the skin and prevents premature aging.

11. Kiwano Melon Prevents Cancer

Horned melon possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is full of antioxidants preventing cancer by neutralizing the effects of free radicals. It can be eaten by cancer patients as it suppresses the growth of tumors. Although kiwano has Vitamin C is a super anti-cancer agent. Vitamin C is used in many anti-cancer treatments.

12. Safe For Pregnancy

Kiwano is rich in minerals and vitamins that are needed during pregnancy. Kiwano supports the healthy growth of a baby. The antioxidants of kiwano melon prevent the expectant mother and baby from several diseases and infections.

13. Improves Mood Swings

Horned melon reduces depression and anxiety. Kiwano melon is rich in zinc and magnesium which promotes brain health. Magnesium plays a critical role in stabilizing the mood. Magnesium deficiency leads to seizures or insomnia. Zinc supplements are widely used to treat mood disorders like anxiety or depression. Zin and magnesium are generated neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin) that combat mood disorders or bipolar disorders.

Kiwano Melon Health Benefits
Horned Melon Boosts Immunity

14. Horned Melon Boosts Immunity

Kiwano is anti-inflammatory and offers many health benefits. It improves the immune system as it contains many vital nutrients and vitamins that boost the immune system. The antioxidants of kiwano melon suppress the growth of free radicals that causes many illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

15. For The Keto Diet

Kiwano has very fewer calories. It can be a part of the keto diet due to its water or fiber content that is preventing from hunger pangs. Vitamin C is mostly used for fat burning.

Side Effects Of Kiwano

  • Kiwano melon could cause allergic reactions.
  • Excess consumption of kiwano is dangerous because excess antioxidants are bad for the stomach.
  • Kiwano is acidic in nature, too much-horned melon causes acidity.
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