December 11, 2023
Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit (Chinese Gooseberry) With Nutrition

Kiwi Fruit For Immunity

Kiwi fruit Actinidia deliciosa also called Chinese gooseberry is an oval-shaped fruit with brown fuzzy skin and green and yellow pulp inside. Kiwi fruit contains black edible tiny seeds inside the pulp. Kiwi seeds are a mega source of omega-3 fatty acids. To eat kiwi fruit, peel the outer skin and enjoy the pulp inside.



Kiwi Contains Vitamins And Dietary Fibers That Improve Immunity And Are Good For The Heart And Digestive Tract Health. It Enhances Fertility And Improves Sleep. It Supports Healthy Skin, Hair, And The Brain And Is Good For Diabetes And Pregnancy.


Kiwi Fruit Is Low In Calories Around 60 Calories Per 100 Grams. The Other Includes,

  • Carbs, 17 Grams
  • Fat, 0.4 Grams
  • Protein, 1.4 G
  • Vitamin A, 1.8% Of The Daily Value
  • Vitamin C, 154% Of The Daily Value
  • Copper, 16% Of The Daily Value
  • Iron, 6.5% Of The Daily Value
  • Sodium, 3.5 Mg
  • Potassium, 310 Mg

1. For Immunity

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) improves the immune system. Its antioxidants fight off free radicals and prevent cell damage. Vitamin C boosts immunity and makes defense against viral infections. Vitamin C is associated with an increase in the production of neutrophils. Kiwi fruits are well known for neutrophil production. Neutrophils engulf the invaders by ingesting them thus promoting immune health.

2. Improves Digestion

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) is good for digestion. Kiwi fruit fastens the digestion process as it contains the enzyme actinidin which stimulates the breakdown of protein. Actinidin is a chief enzyme of kiwi fruit that improves digestive functions. Kiwi fruit is also used as a meat tenderizer because of its actinidin content.

3. Good For Heart Health

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) is good for heart health as it is packed up with fibers that decrease the LDL bad cholesterol. Kiwi fruit contains potassium which keeps the heartbeat normal. It is also good for arteries. Kiwi fruit is good for heart patients as it significantly prevents cardiovascular diseases. Kiwi fruit makes the blood thin and can be replaced with aspirin.

4. Improves Sleep

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) is good for sleep. Kiwi is sleep-inducing fruit. Kiwi betters the sleep quality and makes you sleep faster as it is full of vitamin A and vitamin E. Kiwis eat before bedtime, which improves sleep and makes you fall asleep instantly.
Kiwi fruit is naturally rich in serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which is helpful in the treatment of sleep. Serotonin is also known as a sleep-promoting hormone. Serotonin in return increase melatonin or serotonin is a melatonin precursor that increases sleep.

5. For Skin Care

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) is healthy for skin and skin glow. Kiwi fruit is beneficial for skin whitening as it is a powerful rich source of vitamin C and vitamin E. Kiwi is beneficial for removing dead skin cells and blemishes making skin brighter and shinier. Kiwi is an antioxidant source that may be helpful for the skin and removing dark spots. Kiwi fruit work as a bleaching agent for the skin making skin whitens and flawless. Kiwi is an anti-acne fruit that prevents acne formation. Kiwi fruit extract is widely used in many skin care products.

Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit (Chinese Gooseberry) With Nutrition

6. For Female Fertility

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) has a low glycemic index and low fat both help is conceiving. Kiwi fruit is good for ladies who are trying to pregnant. It contains folic acid which is very essential for conceiving.

7. For Male Fertility

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) boosts male fertility as it is rich in zinc content which is beneficial for male fertility. Zinc increases the production of testosterone that boost sperm count and sperm mobility thus reducing the chances of infertility. Zinc also protects the sperm from oxidative damage.

8. For Weight Loss

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) is beneficial in weight loss, it has fewer calories and is rich in fibers and water content which is helpful in reducing weight. It is the perfect fruit to use as a snack. Its fibrous content fastens the digestion. Kiwi is a citrus fruit its Vitamin C is fastened belly fat burner.

9. For The Keto Diet

Kiwi fruit cannot be added to the keto diet because it has high carbs content.

10. For Hair

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) promotes hair growth. Kiwi fruit moisturizes the scalp and is well known for preventing scalp dandruff and dryness. Kiwi seeds contain omega 3 which provides essential nutrients to hair follicles for better hair growth. Kiwi fruit preventing from baldness as it contains a high amount of zinc which promotes hair growth and hair strengthening. Kiwi extract is directly applied to hair to prevent graying.

11. For Brain Health

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) is a brain-boosting food that improves overall brain health and cognitive functions. Omega 3 of kiwi seeds support blood flow to brain cells. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C which prevents damaging the brain cells and minimizes the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Kiwi also improves brain memory.

12. For Pregnancy

Kiwi is a super nutritious food that provides lots of essential nutrients to pregnant ladies. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and iron both are super necessary for pregnant ladies. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron in the body thus increasing the blood cell count. Folate also prevents the fetus from neural birth defects. Kiwi seeds contain omega 3 which prevents premature delivery.

13. For Diabetics

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) is helpful in lowering the blood sugar level. It has a very low glycemic index which helps diabetic patient to control their blood glucose level. Its fibrous content helps in the digestion and breakdown of sugar molecules from other foods.

14. For Eye Health

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) supports eye health. Vitamin A content of Kiwis improves eye vision and may protect them from various eye diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, etc. Kiwi fruit prevents vision loss.

15. Control Blood Pressure

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) helps in reducing hypertension (high blood pressure). Kiwi fruit reduces the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in both and man and woman. Its bioactive substances help in lowering blood pressure. A person with high blood pressure should consume at least 3 kiwis to lower their blood pressure.

Kiwi Fruit For Fertility
Kiwi Fruit For Cancer

16. For Cancer

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) is good for a cancer patient as it is helpful in reducing tumor growth. Kiwi prevents the appearance of cancer because it combats free radicals that damage the DNA and cause different types of cancer.

17. For Kidneys

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry) has proven worse for those who suffer from kidney diseases. Kiwi contains a high amount of potassium and oxalates which cannot be filtered from the kidney thus affecting the kidney’s health and causing kidney stones.

18. White Blood Cells

Kiwi fruit boosts the production of white blood cells in the body making the defense system strong against infections. People with low WBC count may quickly increase by consuming kiwis.

Side Effects Of Kiwi Fruit

  • Kiwi fruit leads to some allergic reactions and swelling.
  • Kiwi overconsumption causes vomiting or diarrhea.


How many kiwis we should get in a day?

One kiwi a day is enough.

Is kiwi good for babies?

Kiwi’s nutrients are good for the baby but it is acidic in nature so avoid should be better.

Is kiwi good for constipation?

Kiwi fruit is good for constipation if consume daily for somedays.

Does kiwi soften stool?

Yes, kiwi is helpful in softening the stool.

Does kiwi cause gas?

Kiwi is a less gassy food.

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