13+ Healthy Benefit Of Pineapple With Nutrition

Pineapple scientifically known as Ananas comosus is an edible fruit of the family Bromeliaceae. Pineapple taste is a mixture of sweet and tart like a combo of apple and citrus. It is an aromatic fruit, its aroma is very popular and used in many flavors or essence. To eat it, first cut the crown from the top then peel its outer skin carefully. Lay down the pineapple on its side, cut the slices and enjoy.



Pineapple Is Loaded With Nutrients That Fight Off Free Radicals Boost Immunity, And Prevent Cancer And Infections. They Aid In Digestion And Arthritis. It Boosts Libido, Regulates Menstruation, And Is Good For Weight Loss, Hair, And Skincare.

Pineapple Nutrition Value

Pineapple Contains 55 Calories Per 100 Grams. The Other Includes;

  • Carbs, 12 Gram
  • Fat, 0.2 Gram
  • Dietary Fibers, 1.45 Gram
  • Sugars, 10 Gram
  • Vitamin B1, 0.08 Mg
  • Vitamin B2, 0.034 Mg
  • Vitamin B3, 0.54 Mg
  • Vitamin B6, 0.2 Mg
  • Vitamin C, 32 Mg
  • Sodium, 1.3 Mg
  • Potassium, 105 Mg
  • Iron, 0.3 Mg


1. Pineapple Benefits A Man Sexually

Pineapple boosts the sexual stamina of man naturally as it contains vitamin C in high amounts. They enhance the libido lifting and increase the sex drive of a man. They contain the enzyme Bromelain, which stimulates the production of testosterone. Testosterone is the key male sex hormone to increase sexual desire, better sperm count, and increase sperm motility and membrane integrity. Pineapple extract with testosterone supplementation improves a man’s sexual health. Pineapples do a lot with males.

  • Pineapples Increase libido.
  • Cure erectile dysfunction.
  • They contribute to fertility.
  • Good for the sexual smell.
  • Thickens the semen.
  • Pineapples Increase sperm motility.

2. Pineapples Benefits A Woman Sexually

Pineapples increase female fertility and increase the chances of conception. They contain thiamine which supports the energy level in females. They give an arousing sensation during oral sex. It stimulates testosterone production in women which is helpful in,

  • Increase sexual desire.
  • Improve reproductive functions.
  • Helpful in conception.
  • Do better growth of reproductive tissues.

3. Good For The Skin

Pineapples make the skin brighter and shinier full of vitamin C enhancing the glow of skin remove blemishes. Pineapple contains antioxidants that prevent acne and acne scars. It promotes collagen production and makes skin youthful. Bromelain an enzyme resist in pineapple is a natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and skin tags. Bromelain is used in many skin care products as an exfoliator. Pineapples do a lot with skin.

  • They prevent skin infections
  • Combat free radicals.
  • Removes dark spots and skin tags.
  • Pineapple is anti-aging.
  • Remove acne scars.
  • Boosts the complexion.

4. Pineapple For Hair

Pineapple protects the hair from hair fall. Pineapple extract is directly applied to hair to prevent major hair loss. They are rich in water content and moisturize the scalp. Pineapple combats free radicals that cause hair dandruff and scalp dryness.

  • Promote hair growth.
  • Makes hair stronger.
  • Protects hair from scalp eczema.
  • Maintain the PH of hair.

5. For Pregnancy

Pineapple is safely eaten by pregnant women it is rich in nutrients and vitamins that prove beneficial for pregnant ladies. They have antioxidants that prevent various infections and make the immune system strong. Pineapple contains bromelain an enzyme that softens the cervix but it doesn’t induce labor. It is perfectly safe for pregnant ladies and it’s just a myth that it will bring on labor.

Healthy Benefits Of Pineapple With Nutrition

6. For Menstruation (Periods)

Pineapple helps you in menstruation it regulates the blood flow during the period. They help in delayed periods, they contain the enzyme bromelain which softens the cervix and helps in shedding the uterus lining early.

  • Induce the periods.
  • Relax the muscles of the uterus.
  • Reduce the period cramps.
  • Prevents delaying periods.
  • Contains iron and produces red blood cells.

7. For The Stomach

Pineapples help in digestion and improve digestive tract activity. Drinking pineapple extract is a quick remedy to treat an upset stomach. They contains Bromelain enzyme which helps in the breakdown of proteins and thus aids in digestion. They are good for gut health it supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Pineapples For Constipation

Pineapples have a high content of fibers which stimulates bowel movement and make stool soften. It prevent constipation making stool easier to pass out. It also prevent various bowel disorders. Pineapple is anti-bacterial and reduces the growth of diarrhea-causing bacteria.

  • It decreases the bloating.
  • Reduce gas.
  • Pineapple juice prevents stomach burning.

8. For Heart

Pineapples are good for heart health they prevent cardiovascular diseases. Pineapples have potassium which regulates the blood flow and manages high blood pressure. They pump the heart to circulate blood to the body.

  • They decrease the cholesterol in arteries and prevent heart attack.
  • Pineapples lowers blood pressure.
  • They strengthen the cardiac muscles.

9. For Weight Loss

  • Pineapples fasten the metabolism and help you to reduce weight.
  • They reduce belly fat because the bromelain enzyme metabolizes the protein thus helping in burning belly fat.
  • Pineapples are rich in water and fibers which prevents overeating and makes you feel fuller and hydrated for a longer time.
  • This fruit prevents hunger pangs.
  • They cannot be added to the keto diet because they have a high glycemic index and high sugar content.

10. For Liver

Pineapples promote liver health. It cleans and detoxify the liver. They contain flavonoids and polyphenols that remove toxins from the liver. Pineapple has bromelain enzyme which metabolizes the protein and prevents fatty liver.

Pineapples For Uric Acid

Pineapple juice prevents joint swellings as it removes the deposition of uric acid from the bones and joints. The high content of vitamin C prevents uric acid deposition.

Pineapples Good For Heart
Pineapples For Weight Loss

11. For Kidney Stones

Pineapple juice is a safe choice if you have kidney stones. Pineapple juice has citrate which helps in dissolving kidney stones. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and prevents kidney inflammation or various diseases.

12. For Diabetics

Pineapple is just okay for diabetic patients. A diabetic patient should consume only 100 grams of pineapples per day. They have high sugar content so it took in moderation by people suffering from diabetes.

13. Immune Benefits

Pineapples make our defense system strong and strengthen against various viral or bacterial attacks. They are rich in vitamin C which is an excellent immune booster. They fight off free radicals and prevent their damage by making the immune system strong.

Side Effects Of Pineapples

  • Overeating pineapples causes nausea, vomiting, etc.
  • Pineapples are acidic in nature, causing acidity if overconsume.


Is pineapple heaty or cold?

It is heaty in nature.

Are pineapples good for cancer?

They are good for cancer as they contain the anti-cancer agent bromelain which reduces tumor growth.

Can we eat pineapple at night?

Pineapple helps us fall asleep easily as it produces melatonin.

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