14+ Longan Health Benefits & Nutrition

Longan scientifically known as Dimocarpus longan L. is the main tropical fruit also known as a treasure among fruit. Longan nickname Dragon eye fruit. Longan is very juicy and sweet. To eat it, cut the shell, then remove it and enjoy white transparent flesh. Remove the seed inside and do not eat the seed.



Longan Is Nutritious And Juicy Improving Memory And Sleep Quality. Longans Boost Immunity And Libido. They Are Anti-inflammatory And Prevent Anemia And Heart Diseases, Good For Skin And Diabetics.

Longan Nutrition

Longan Has 62 Calories Per 100 Grams. The Others Include;

  • Carbs, 14 Gram
  • Fat, 0.2 Gram
  • Fiber, 1 Gram
  • Vitamin B6, 0.5 Mg
  • Vitamin C, 85 Mg
  • Manganese, 0.05 Mg
  • Copper, 0.2 Mg
  • Calcium, 1 Mg
  • Iron, 0.12 Mg
  • Potassium, 265 Mg
  • Zinc, 0.06 Mg

1. Improves Memory

Longan improves memory and decreases the symptoms of dementia. Longan enhances the learning capacity. The zinc content of longan accelerates the blood flow to brain cells and improves overall mental health. Longan contains Potassium helps carry oxygen to neurons and increases its potential.

2. For Skin

Longan stimulates skin health by the formation of new cells. Logan has high vitamin C content which helps establish younger, flawless, and glowing skin by preventing blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Longan has anti-aging properties it boosts collagen production.

3. Improves Sleep Quality

Longan is good for better and peaceful sleep. Longan contains potassium which is directly linked with sleep and is beneficial for slumber time. Longan contains many bioactive compounds that repress the levels of neurotransmitters that cause stress, depression, and anxiety. Longan is helpful in the treatment of insomnia.

Longan Health Benefits With Nutrition

4. For The Immune System

Longan enhances the immune system and contains powerful antioxidants. Longan is rich in vitamin C to combat free radicals and fight infections. Longan makes the body’s defense system strong by increasing the production of white blood cells.

5. Boost Libido

Longan enhances the sexual desire in both males and females. Longan is increasing the male stamina and acts as an energy booster. Longan is an aphrodisiac (the substance that strengthens the libido and makes sex feel more pleasurable). In ancient, Longan fruit is traditionally used by the male to increase sex drive.

6. Good For Anemia

Longan prevents anemia as it contains iron content which reduces the deficiency of red blood cells. Longan raises blood circulation and improves overall blood cell health. Longan also contains potassium and calcium which increases the production of hemoglobin (an oxygen-carrying protein).

7. Good For Diabetes

Longan is not a healthy choice for people suffering from diabetes as it has high sugar content. 67 grams of sugar are present in 100 grams of longan. Diabetic patients eat it in only small amounts because it has fiber content which is beneficial for the breakdown of sugar molecules and lowers blood sugar levels.

8. For Digestion

Longan supports quick digestion. Longan prevents constipation as it contains fibers that soften the stool and make it in bulk which is easy to pass. Fibers promote gut health and regulate bowel movement because they solidify the stool.

9. For Acid Reflux

Fresh longans are alkaline in nature and are good for acid reflux, preventing acidity. The dried, processed, or canned longans are acidic in nature and are not good for acid reflux.

10. For Pregnancy

Pregnant women should minimize their longan intake as it is a heaty fruit and can be harmful to their baby. Heaty fruits may cause many conditions in pregnant ladies like bleeding and even miscarriage too. Pregnancy is a heaty state and longan should avoid during pregnancy.

11. For Weight Loss

Longan may help you to lose weight. Longan has very low fats, and, calorie content so it’s a good choice for those who want to lose weight. Its fibrous content helps in digestion and improves metabolism.

Longan For Pregnancy
Longan For Weight Loss

12. For The Keto Diet

The Keto diet consists of low-carb food and longan has a very high carb value (14 grams in 100 grams of serving). Longan cannot be added to the standard keto diet.

13. Longan Chinese Medicine

Longan is significantly used in Chinese medicine as a tonic. Longan in Chinese medicine is used to treat as an energy tonic. Longan is also used to treat blood deficiency as a medicine.

14. Longan Tea Benefits

Longan tea makes with dried longan, red dates, and fresh ginger also called longan red date’s longan tea. Longan tea is caffeine-free. Longan tea is widely used in China.

Red Date Longan Tea Benefits

  • Longan tea is used to improve blood circulation.
  • Longan tea increases the blood count.
  • Longan tea is beneficial for the liver and spleen.
  • Longan tea is beneficial for the digestive system.
  • Longan tea supports the energy level of the body.
  • Longan tea boosts immunity.
  • Longan tea is good for after-birth surgery but not in early pregnancy.

Longan Fruit Disadvantages

  • Longan may increase the blood sugar level.
  • If you have a sensitive stomach then it may cause stomach upset.


Does longan improve your sleep?

Longan improves sleep and prevents insomnia.

Is longan acidic or alkaline fruit?

Fresh Longan is alkaline while the dried longans are acidic in nature.

Can longan be eaten at night?

Longans can be eaten at night for better sleep.

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