10+ Pandanus Fruit (Screw Pine) Health Benefits


Screwpine Or Pandanus Boost Immunity And Prevent Cancer And Heart Diseases. It Controls Diabetes And Blood Pressure. Pandan Leaves Extract Promotes Healthy Skin And Hair, And Reduces Joint Pain And Belly Fat Burning.

Pandanus Nutrition fact

Hala Fruit Contains 320 Calories Per 100 Grams Of Serving. The Other Includes;

  • Carbs, 17.5 Grams
  • Protein, 2 Grams
  • Vitamin B, 0.042 Mg
  • Vitamin C, 5.3 Mg
  • Potassium, 235 Mg
  • Sodium, 75.4 Mg
  • Calcium, 135 Mg
  • Iron, 5.5 Mg
  • Phosphorous, 107 Mg

1. Hala Fruit For Skin

Pandanus fruit is rich in vitamin B and C which rejuvenates the skin making it younger-looking and glowing. Vitamin B prevents dry skin and acne. It balances the natural oil of the skin and improves skin tone. The vitamin C content of Hala fruit has anti-aging effects it prevents wrinkles.
Pandan leaves are widely used for various skin treatments like acne scars or blemishes. They remove hyperpigmentation from the skin. Pandan leaves extract is used to treat skin burns and sunburn. The leaves contain tannic acid which provides a cooling effect. Just mix crushed pandan leaves in olive oil or lemon juice and apply them to the skin. The results will amaze you.

2. Hala Fruit For Hair

Pandanus fruit is used to treat hair dandruff and dryness. It nourishes the scalp and prevents itchiness. It improves the blood circulation to the follicles promoting hair growth. Hala fruit is rich in carotenoids which volumize the hair and prevents them from thinning. Vitamin C content of Hala fruit prevents hair loss and removes the split ends from hair.
Pandanus leaves work wonder with hair. Make a paste of pandan leaves with warm water and apply it to the hair it maintains the natural hair color. It also prevents dry itchy scalp. This paste is helpful in removing the sebum and scalp eczema. Pandan essential oil is also used for better hair growth.

Hala Fruit (Screw Pine) For Skin

3. For Weight Loss

Hala fruit is used as a snack it helps you somehow to reduce weight. It’s a low-fat diet. It is a high fibrous fruit that helps in digestion. The dietary fibers fasten the metabolism thus helping in reducing body weight. Fibrous fruit makes you feel fuller for a longer time preventing hunger pangs.
Pandan leaves extract is significantly used in belly fat burning. The leaves extract minimizes the appetite. To make pandan leaves tea, boil the pandan leaves in water for several minutes and drink. It works amazingly in losing belly fat.

4. For Male Fertility

Hala fruit significantly increases sperm motility and sperm count. Hala fruit contains vitamin C in a significant amount that contributes to semen health. Vitamin C fights off free radicals from the body that damage the DNA of sperm cells.

5. For Gout Treatment

Pandan leaves extract is beneficial for treating gout. Pandanus is anti-inflammatory and reduces inflammation from the joints. Its leaves extract is applied to joints to reduce arthritis. Its leaves are beneficial in treating swelling and pain and minimizing the symptoms of gout.

6. Pandanus Is Good For Sleep

Pandanus leaves are widely used to treat insomnia (a disorder in which you have trouble falling asleep). Pandanus leaves contain alkaloids that have some calming effects on the body. Pandanus leaves tea is used to reduce stress and is helpful for a restful sleep. Pandanus makes you fall asleep quickly. Pandan leaves for constipation
Pandan leaves are often used to treat constipation. Its leaves extract is acts as a natural laxative. The laxative is a medicine that is specifically used to treat constipation. Pandan leaves tea is a quick remedy to treat constipation. Boil the pandan leaves with water, add some lemon juice, and drink.

7. Good For The Digestive Tract

It is rich in dietary fibers which help in digestion. Dietary fibers support the activity of the digestive tract. It regulates bowel movement. Dietary fibers make the stool soften to easily pass out. Hala fruit is beneficial for numerous digestive problems like bloating, nausea, constipation.

8. Boosts Energy

Hala Fruit For Weight Loss
Pandanus Is Good For Sleep

Hal fruit is super nutritious and rich in various nutrients that increase the energy level in the body. It prevents muscle fatigue and reduces stress and pain in the body. Their high vitamin content fights off free radicals from the body making a strong defense system and increasing immunity. The more the immunity the more energy in the body.

9. For Menstrual Cramps

Hala fruit is used to treat pains and muscle fatigue. This is rich in alkaloids that have soothing or calming effects. Hala fruit is used to relieve menstrual cramps. Pandan leaves extract is also used to relive menstrual cramps or joint pain.

10. Hala Fruit For Bone Density

Hala fruit increases bone mineral density because it is rich in mineral nutrients. It helps to strengthen the bones. This fruit has high potassium content which makes the bones strong and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. The calcium content of Hala fruit also contributes to increasing bone density and maintaining strong bones.

11. For Heart Health

Hala fruit improves blood circulation which is good for heart health. It also contains dietary fibers which decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The potassium content of this fruit helps in maintaining the heartbeat. Potassium may prevent the hardening of arteries. Potassium helps in lowering the high blood pressure keep heart in good health.

Side Effects Of Hala Fruit

  • Overconsumption of Hala fruit causes diarrhea because it is rich in fibers.
  • It sometimes causes allergic reaction like rash, nausea, itchiness.


Is pandanus good for uric acid?

It is effective for uric acid relieves the joints swelling and pain.

Is pandanus good for kidney?

Over consumption of pandanus not good for patient having kidney stones.

Is Hala fruit good for UTI?

Hala fruit good for urinary tract infection because it is diuretic in nature.

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