14+ Persimmon Health Benefits And Nutrition

Persimmon Diospyros kaki is also known as Japanese persimmon or Chinese persimmon. Persimmon is an edible fruit of reddish-orange color. Its taste is sweet, mild, and rich. Persimmon’s odd taste is due to the presence of the tannins. Persimmons have a slippery and silky texture. The peel is safe to eat. Persimmon seeds cannot be edible.



Persimmons Are Jammed With Vitamin A, C, And Manganese Which Helps In Blood Clotting And Reduce Cancer And Strokes. Persimmon Enhances The Fertility Of Males And Females And Is Good For Hair, Skin, Liver, Kidney, And Eye Health.

Persimmon Nutrition

1 Persimmon Contains 120 Calories. The Other Includes;

  • Carbs, 32 Grams
  • Fat, 0.2 Grams
  • Vitamin A, 2755 IU
  • Vitamin B6, 0.5 Mg
  • Vitamin C, 14 Mg
  • Vitamin E, 0.2 Mg
  • Vitamin K, 0.5 Mg
  • Manganese, O.7 Mg
  • Copper, 0.3 Mg
  • Calcium, 8.5 Mg
  • Iron, 120 Mcg

1. Persimmon For Diabetics

Persimmons are good for diabetic patients. They are rich in sucrose and very low fructose. Persimmon is fibrous food that minimizes the absorption of sugar and regulates the blood sugar level. It lowers cholesterol and makes blood circulation easy. So, persimmon is safe for diabetics.

2. Persimmon For Male Fertility

Persimmons have many medicinal health benefits, it increases sperm motility and boosts energy level. It enhances the production of sperm.

3. Persimmon For Female Fertility

Persimmons boost female fertility. Persimmons are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which enhances mature egg production and increases the chances of conception. It prevents immature birth defects in the luteal phase of ovulation.
Persimmon stimulates the release of progesterone hormone. Progesterone prepares the uterus for pregnancy and makes the uterine lining thick.

Persimmon Health Benefits And Nutrition

4. Persimmon Is Good For The Skin

Persimmon is an excellent source for glowing and flawless skin. It makes our muscles and tissues strong. Persimmon rich in vitamin C and vitamin E both promote healthy skin. Persimmon contains copper which somehow helps in removing acne scars. Vitamin E helps in getting rid of dark circles. Vitamin C improves overall skin texture. Persimmon paste is directly applied for flawless skin.

5. Persimmon Is Good For Pregnancy

Persimmon is a full nutritious duper-food for pregnant ladies. It is rich in minerals and vitamins essential for fetal growth and development. Persimmon is a great source of antioxidants that prevent pregnant ladies from weakness and fatigue. Persimmon fight off free radicals present in the body that causes infections. Persimmon prevents pregnant ladies from constipation as it stimulates bowel movement.

6. Persimmon For Eye

Persimmon contains carotenoids and lutein which protect the eyes against infections and improves vision. Lutein prevents the eye from blindness and vision impairment. Carotenoids protect the eyes from the damaging effects of light. Persimmon is wonderful fruit for eye health.

7. Persimmon For The Babies

Persimmon is nutritious fruit good for the baby’s health. It is full of fibers that protect the digestive tract of babies and make digestion easy. Persimmon provides a vital amount of minerals and vitamins to the baby.

8. Persimmon Prevent Cancer

Persimmon is well known for its anti-cancer effects. Persimmon act as a therapeutic agent which minimizes the growth of tumor cells. Persimmon vitamin C content combat with free radicals of the body make a protective shield against infections.

9. Persimmon For Hair

Persimmon works well for hair. Persimmons are rich in vitamins and nutrients which nourish the scalp and improve the texture of hair. Persimmon vitamin A and E content prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Persimmon extract is applied directly to hair for moisturizing the scalp which prevents dandruff.

10. Persimmon For Weight Loss

Persimmons contribute to weight loss as they have fewer calories also rich in fibers. Persimmon contains pectin which controls the appetite and prevents overeating. Persimmon also contributes to losing belly fat. Persimmons are best to add to the snacks.

Persimmon For Female Fertility
Persimmon For Female Fertility

11. Persimmon For Blood Pressure

Persimmon lowers the high blood pressure. Persimmon contains potassium which eases the tension in the blood vessels. Persimmon vitamins regulate blood pressure. Persimmon contains flavonoids and tannins which prove good for heart health. Japanese persimmon is traditionally used to regulate high blood pressure.

12. Persimmon Increases The Blood Platelets

Persimmons increase the blood platelet count and stimulate platelet activity. Persimmons help in the ready absorption of iron. Persimmon extract or Persimmon leaves extract both are used widely for inducing platelet production.

13. Persimmon For Liver And Kidney

Persimmons are good for the liver and kidney. Vitamin A, carotenoids, lutein, and flavonoids present in persimmon help in fatty liver diseases. Persimmons are anti-inflammatory and reduce inflammation of the liver. Persimmon works well for renal function. They help in filtration from the kidneys.

14. Persimmon For Immunity

Persimmons improve the immune system. As they contain potent antioxidants which boost the immune system and improve the energy level of the body. Also, vitamin C boosts immunity by making white blood cells work more efficiently.

Side Effects Of Persimmon

  • Eating too much persimmon causes stomach obstructions.
  • Persimmon causes vomiting in some people.


Is persimmon high in sugar?

Persimmon is high in sugar content.

Are persimmon keto-friendly?

Persimmon cannot be added to the keto diet.

Can persimmon eat at night?

Persimmon eating at night is harmful to the stomach.

How many persimmons eat a day?

Eating one persimmon of medium size is enough for a day.

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