December 11, 2023
Strawberry Health Benefits And Nutrition

Strawberry Benefits For Skin

Strawberry scientifically known as Fragaria ananassa is considered an accessory fruit, not a true berry. Strawberry is multiple fruits consisting of many tiny fruits embedded in the flesh. The green tiny seeds outside the strawberry are actual fruit. Strawberries have a sweet-sour taste.



Strawberry is rich In Vitamin C Revitalizing The Skin And Promoting Fertility. It Prevents Cancer And Thyroid Disorders, Well As Skincare And Hair. It Controls Blood Pressure And Diabetes And Helps In Weight Loss.

Strawberry Nutrition

Strawberry Has 35 Calories in 100 Grams Of Fruit. The Other Nutrients Include;

  • Carbs, 8 Grams
  • Fat, 0.2 Grams
  • Fiber, 2.3 Grams
  • Vitamin C, 90 Mg
  • Manganese, 20 Mg
  • Potassium, 230 Mg
  • Sodium, 1.5 Mg
  • Calcium, 26 Mg
  • Iron, 0.7 Mg

1. Strawberry Benefits For Skin

Strawberry-rich source of vitamin C is revitalized and nourishes the skin. It gives brightness to the skin making it shinier. Strawberry boosts the skin and removes pigmentation and blemishes. Strawberry contains Salicylic acid which exfoliates the skin and removes the dead skin cells and also helps in removing dark spots.

  • Strawberry is used on the face overnight for removing acne scars.
  • Strawberry face mask used for acne scars.
  • Strawberry face scrub exfoliates the skin.
  • Strawberry moisturizes the lips and makes them soft and pink.
  • Strawberry face cream is used for skin whitening.

2. For Man Fertility

Strawberry increases the stamina of the man. Strawberry increases the sex drive of the man making his sex feel more pleasurable. Strawberry vitamin content boosts the libido and enhances sexual desire. Strawberry also helps in increasing sperm count.

3. For Pregnancy

Eating strawberries is safe during pregnancy. Strawberry is a rich source of vitamins during pregnancy. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C which supports the healthy immune system beneficial for both the expectant mother and the baby. Strawberries combat free radicals from the body that prevent pregnant ladies from different infections.

4. For The Heart

Strawberry is best for heart health. It reduces oxidative stress and prevents heart diseases. Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and anthocyanin which strengthen the heart muscles and protect the heart. Anthocyanin is linked to lowering the risk of a heart attack. Strawberries are helpful in heart blockage because they reduce inflammation. Strawberries increase the level of HDL (good cholesterol).

Strawberry Health Benefits And Nutrition

5. For Blood Pressure

Strawberries are beneficial for lowering high blood pressure. Strawberries are rich in potassium and magnesium both easing the tension in blood vessels and reducing hypertension. Strawberries contain flavonoids and anthocyanin, these compounds control systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

6. Strawberries Prevent Cancer

Strawberries have anti-carcinogenic compounds (chemical substances that work against cancer) like flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants, and vitamin C. They all prevent the body from free radicals and reduce tumor growth. Strawberries are rich in ellagic acid which prevents the bladder and breast cancer.

7. For Female

Strawberries are a good source of folic acid which is essential for pregnant ladies and those who trying to conceive. Folic acid boosts the ovulation prevents premature birth defects and is essential for pre and post-conception.

8. Strawberries For Hair Growth

Strawberries support hair growth and prevent it from thinning and hair fall. Strawberry contains silica which strengthens the hair. Strawberry folate and vitamin C content promote the absorption of iron and support better growth. Folic acid thickens the hair and prevents premature graying.

9. For Stomach

Strawberries stimulate the digestive tract activity. Strawberries are fibrous fruit that prevents constipation. Dietary fibers soften the stool and make it easy to pass out. Strawberries are anti-inflammatory reduce inflammation of the intestines and support bowel movement.

10. For Weight Loss

Strawberry may help in weight loss. Strawberry fibers are well known for belly fat burner. Strawberries have flavonoids and anthocyanin which are greatly linked with weight loss and reduce abdominal fat. Anthocyanin has anti-obesity effects, which decrease obesity.

11. For The Keto Diet

Strawberries are true keto-friendly. Strawberries have very low carb and zero fat value. They can safely add to the ketogenic diet or low-carb diet.

12. For Diabetics

Strawberries have a low glycemic index they cannot spike the blood glucose level. Diabetic patients safely add strawberries into their diet. Manganese content of Strawberry stimulates insulin secretion that maintains blood glucose concentration.

13. Strawberries Are Good For Thyroid Disorders

Strawberries stimulate the thyroid gland to secrete thyroid hormones and prevent hypothyroidism. Strawberries contain vitamin D which is helpful for the thyroid. Vitamin D intake prevents the occurrence of thyroid cancer.

Strawberry Boosts The Immune System
Strawberry Boosts The Immune System

14. Boosts The Immune System

Strawberries strengthen the immune system and help in making a strong defense system in the body. Strawberries prevent different infections and diseases like cancer. Strawberries have powerful polyphenols and antioxidants that build a strong immune system.

Side Effects Of Strawberry

  • Eating contaminated strawberry cause food poisoning.
  • Strawberries slow down the process of blood clotting after a wound or injury.


How many strawberries does a diabetic patient eat a day?

A diabetic patient can safely eat a quarter cup of strawberries.

Is strawberry a fruit or vegetable?

Strawberry is a multiple fruit, many fruits in one flesh.

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