Avocado Health Benefit: Skin, Weight loss, Male, Side effects

Vegetable good for bone health

The avocado, Persea americana, is a green-colored fruit native to South and Central America and Mexico. It belongs to the family Lauraceae. This pear-shaped fruit has a tough green outer skin with buttery flesh inside. The huge central seed is inedible. Avocados have a little sweet and nutty taste. Avocado benefits the heart, eyes, and … Read more

14+ Persimmon Health Benefits And Nutrition

Persimmon Health Benefits And Nutrition

Persimmon Diospyros kaki is also known as Japanese persimmon or Chinese persimmon. Persimmon is an edible fruit of reddish-orange color. Its taste is sweet, mild, and rich. Persimmon’s odd taste is due to the presence of the tannins. Persimmons have a slippery and silky texture. The peel is safe to eat. Persimmon seeds cannot be edible. Persimmon Summary Persimmons Are … Read more

19+ Miracle Fruit Berry Health Benefits

Miracle Fruit For Pregnancy

Miracle fruit is scientifically known as Synsepalum dulcificum and is commonly known as Miracle Berry, Miraculous Berry, Flavour Berry, Fruit Miraculeux, or Fruit Milagroso. It’s a bright red color berry with a very sweet taste like sweetened cranberry. It has a thick rind and its fragrance is like citrus fruit. The seeds are inedible. Miraculous Berry Summary Miracle Fruit Is Act … Read more

Health Benefits Of Kiwano Melon (Horned Melon)

Kiwano (Horned Melon) Control Diabetes

Kiwano melon Cucumis metuliferus is commonly known as horned melon, jelly melon, and African horned cucumber. Kiwano is nutritious fruit in yellow-orange color filled with green jelly-like pulp embedded with seeds inside. Kiwano is slightly sweet in taste. To eat it cut it into the center and spoon up the pulp directly from the rind. The seeds are edible. Kiwano … Read more

19+ Health Benefits Of Snake Fruit (Salak)

Snake Fruit Benefits For Skin

Snake fruit is scientifically known as Salacca zalacca and is commonly known as Salak in Indonesia. It belongs to the palm tree family. It is a juicy crunchy fruit with a sweet and sour taste. The fruit aroma is similar to durian fruit. How to eat the snake fruit? To eat it remove the outer rind which is like … Read more

18+ Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits (Chinese Gooseberry) With Nutrition

Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit (Chinese Gooseberry) With Nutrition

Kiwi fruit Actinidia deliciosa also called Chinese gooseberry is an oval-shaped fruit with brown fuzzy skin and green and yellow pulp inside. Kiwi fruit contains black edible tiny seeds inside the pulp. Kiwi seeds are a mega source of omega-3 fatty acids. To eat kiwi fruit, peel the outer skin and enjoy the pulp inside. Kiwi Summary Kiwi Contains … Read more