Water apple (Rose apple) Benefits: Skin, Pregnancy, Hair, Immunity

Benefits of rose apple for skin hair

Water Apple is also referred to by the common names Java Apple, Wax Apple, Water Apple, Jamaican Rose Apple, Jambu Wax Apple, Chambakka fruit, and Rose Apple. These luscious water apple fruits have a crisp texture and are bell-shaped. It’s a glossy crimson fruit with a rich, sweet flavor and a rose-scented perfume. The water … Read more

Akebia Quinata (Chocolate vine) Health Benefit and Nutrition

Fruit good to induce menstruation

Akebia quinata is commonly known as the chocolate vine, five-leaf chocolate vine, or five-leaf akebia. An exotic purple-colored fruit contains a sweet soft pulp with a bitter rind. Their tiny seeds are also edible. Akebia Summary Akebia Quinata is super anti-inflammatory fruit cures arthritis, general weakness & fever. Akebia is useful to improve mental health, … Read more

20+ Passiflora Edulis Health Benefit(Passion Fruit)

Passion Fruit Benefits For Diabetes

Passion fruit is scientifically known as Passiflora edulis, other common names are passionflower, grenadine, purple granadilla, or purple passion fruit. The Indian name for passion fruit is Krishna phal. Passion fruit has a sweet and tart taste with an exotic sweet flavor. It appears in yellow and purple color. It contains gelatinous flesh with many edible seeds embedded in it. To eat … Read more